Appeal Rejected on Video that was previously Appealed


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Does anyone know how to go about this? My channel is just videos of a player vs player computer game with music on the background. I recently had a Video flagged for Criminal Organization, I appealed it and the strike was removed. Today that same Video was flagged again, and Appeal Rejected.

I am confused as to how the Flag system even happened, and Where in a Video Game with two songs playing over it somehow breaks the Criminal Organization Rules. I know the people I was playing against in the game don't like me all that much, is it possible they could have mass reported in an attempt to get the Video taken down? How can I go about knowing exactly how the video even comes close to promoting Criminal Organization.

There is countless videos of player vs player, and both songs that are playing are both on Youtube.

This makes no sense, can anyone help me?
  • Content produced by violent criminal or terrorist organizations
  • Content praising or memorializing prominent terrorist or criminal figures in order to encourage others to carry out acts of violence
  • Content praising or justifying violent acts carried out by violent criminal or terrorist organizations
  • Content aimed at recruiting new members to violent criminal or terrorist organizations
  • Content depicting hostages or posted with the intent to solicit, threaten, or intimidate on behalf of a violent criminal or terrorist organization
  • Content that depicts the insignia, logos, or symbols of violent criminal or terrorist organizations in order to praise or promote them

All of these are a No... Computer Game PvP with Music, in fact the game is a Fantasy Medieval game. So how does this make any sense?
As your appeal was rejected, and no one here is a YouTube employee, there is nothing we can do to help. In addition, if this is a Violent Criminal Organizations violation, your monetization has been permanently disabled; not just for this channel, but for any you own now, or may start in future.

You have one chance only; and that is to go to the Official YouTube Support Community, and ask one of these Product Experts if they can escalate your case.

Andrew S -- subversiveasset