Anyone Want Sponsoring?

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That isnt a scam but its best to mention that in your post, people will want to know the details :)
.Subscribe To My Channel
.Leave A Comment On My Channel
.Stay Active With My Videos (Like,Comment)
.Put Me In Your Sub Box On Your Channel

Send A Message To Me,I Will Need Proof Of That,I Will Look On Your Channel To See If You Have Put Me In Your Sub Box,And Check To See If You Have Subscribe And Kept Up To Date With My Newest Videos,And If You Pass That Then You Are SPONSORED!!!YEAAHHHHHHH!
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Hello There Everyone This Is Not A Scam,So Dont Text 'Oh It A Scam'Because Its Not,Ask The YTtalk Designer Michael,And He Will Tell You,So plz Dont Bother Replying Thats Its A Scam Because It Will Instantly Be Removed
Michael (The YTtalk Designer)Has Just Said That It Isnt A Scam

I Will Make You Get More Noticed By Putting You In My Sub Box And Put Links To Your Channel So That You Can Get More Noticed
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Staying active with your videos? 100% scam
Dont Think u Know What A Scam is Mate:DEven Michael (YTtalk Designer) Said That It Isnt A Scam So Dont Go Round Making Up Rubbish When You Dont Need To Be Stirring Things Up:mad:
Yeah Mate That is Why I Put A ************** Sign In,Little Kids May Not Know Some Of These Words,I Could Have Spelt The Word Out Fully

The ******* still symbolises that you are swearing... and going 'P*****' just shows it even more... I am not having a go at you, just please, don't. :)
Just wondering one thing... Why are you using Michael "The Yttalk Designer" (:confused:) as a reason to trust you? Michael says its not a scam, and tbh it isn't one, but we literally have no information about your service, your throwing Michael's name around like that is the sole reason why we should use this, and your getting mad at disbelief... Sorry to say, but without proof of results, how can we say this is legit. Yet again, Michael says it seems legit, not that it is or not. Also i have been sponsored before, and although there are different meanings of the word, usually the sponsor gives the person they sponsor incentives to being sponsored in exchange in advertisement.

For example i was sponsored by and Dunkin Donuts, and i got money, entry fees into tournaments and equipment for putting their name out. To me this seems like you will advertise for people not "sponsor" them.

Also, please note that text is completely different read than said and in no way am i attacking you, people just want answers so i threw down my ideas and experiences.

Woah woah.
Okay. Listen, I dont think that this is a scam, but you need to be clearer. There are certain things in your opening post that send up red flags. First of all, is english your first language? If it isnt I understand, but if it is you need to type more legibly. For example, only the first word in a sentance gets a capital letter. The way you type makes you sound fishy, if its because english is not your first language then that isnt your fault, but learning proper sentance structure would help people take you seriously.

Second of all, you need to be clearer in your opening about what you are offering and how it works. From how I understand it, if I sub to you, and comment on your videos as they come out, and put you in my box, you will put me in your box and promote me to your followers? Thats pretty simple, so it shouldnt be hard to explain it fully so that people understand what you are offering.
Lets just forget about the whole asterisks swearing thing, scam thing and move on now with this thread :)
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