Meet Up/Gathering Anyone up for a group collaboration channel?


So I was wondering whether anyone would be interested in being part of a group channel in which we all like contribute one video each on a weekly basis and we could all contribute something similar or something different just as a way of attracting all kinds of subscribers e.g Make up artists ,vloggers ,gamers etc .It could be a grouped channel of different types of people but I'm the aim of building a popular youtube channel and it wouldn't matter how long it took as log as we all contribute equally!

Let me know if you would feel as if this appeals to you and we could get this going pretty soon...I for one am pretty excited!
Sounds like a great idea man. However, if you're going to have each person upload one video a week, it might be best to get a lot of people in on this. Fortunately, I'm the kind of guy who can't spread the word about anything even if he tried! Bad jokes aside and more to the point, I've seen your two videos and I like them. You could do well on YouTube and so could a lot of other people. And the way I see it, you need three things. One, you need a plan to get you started. Two, you need good quality equipment and experience. Not sure if adding in the experience part will count that as a third thing but whatever! And the third thing you need is actually three things in one sentence! Determination, Kindness, and a heaping pile of luck! To be honest, if I had the mental ability to setup a schedule, and if I could make people entertained, I probably would've started a long time ago. And while I probably shouldn't do this, Im going to offer you my skills in video editing. Im 17 and I have pretty much no life so I know a thing or too about photoshopping, video editing, and so forth. If you want to continue this discussion with me and want me as your video editor ( please note that im not a professional but based on people's reaction to my work, I'd say I'm pretty good), send me a request on skype: the_nuke_survivor (<---- Lol, horrible name right? I made it about a year or two ago)