Anyone remember YouTube in 2005?

I think I found it when it was 2007. You guys make me feel young, as you should considering I'm younger than most of you! And I only made my account in 2011!
I still remember it but not in detail. wow! they had video contests! wow, they should defiantly bring that back, it sounds so cool!
So ya take a trip down memory lane with meh and lets look at baby YouTube! :p Anyone remember?

I joined youtube in 2009 so I would not know but I loved the 2009 layout the best ;).
I joined YouTube in 2006 for the First Time. Oh how i miss the times of the awesome layouts. I had a lot of friends back then, some left YouTube already, some are still there. Back then, i admit, i was way more creative than now. But i must exceed my past self.

I have a lot of 2005 YouTube accounts though XD.
Wow, I vaguely remember that. It's weird. Once I get used to a new layout, I completely forget what the previous one was. Another weird thought; I can't imagine my life before YouTube. What did I do all day? o_o