Anyone Got Skype?


Casual Beast & Gfx Editor
Yo its beast here and just wondering if any of you have skype, and if so whats your name? Cheers
it's not like he's going to come to your house, skype isn't exactly personal info, that's like saying giving away your youtube channel link is personal info :p

Okay, maybe "Personal" was a bit strong but still. It's something that you choose to give away, it's not anything like youtube. Youtube is a public audience where people will find your channel someway, no-one can find your skype username unless they're l33t.
Alright I'll add all of you when I get on my pc, I'm on my touchpad right now can't be bothered to go on Skype :)
I loveeeee interacting with nee pples to get to know them but can i ask why yu want skype from pples? :) I dun mind giving it to ya but i would like to know why xD