Any sofware or suggestions for improving the voice in my videos?

Aman Nankani

New Member
Based on the feedback of many people I found out that the one thing they suggest to improve is my voice, and I have followed some tutorials on Youtube for softwares like Audacity and Adobe Audition, but they weren't that helpful. Or maybe, there could be a better tutorial which can actually improve by the same software. That's why I am asking here, is there anything I can do to improve that.
The voice is a bit cranky, and that's just the way it is, so any help or suggestion would help.
Now, I cannot post my video link here, so please head over to my channel to listen to any of the video's voice.

Channel Name : Aman Nankani

And also, feel free to give me feedback on any other aspects too. Would love to hear them.
Thank you
Do you process your audio at all? Noise removal/compression/normalisation/basic EQ+Hard limiting go a loooong way!