Anime Songs For Videos on Anime-Related Products


Please share your thoughts... Is it WRONG and UNLAWFUL to use copyright anime songs to indirectly/directly promote anime products in videos???

In my opinion, it's NOT. I mean, hell, I'm indirectly promoting THEIR anime series and THEIR merchandise and THEIR anime brand. Why is it wrong? It's not like people will think the song belongs to me (composed and sung by me) even if I don't write credits. I don't sell their songs as my own either. Anime songs GREATLY HELP my video, creating the atmosphere of that particular anime. But despite my own opinion, I hold back >< and have to use no-copyright songs (thankfully I find a very talented artist).

I took this matter to my Facebook and received backlash from my "so-called-friends". They didn't want to hear my above explanation. They acted strictly according to copyright law. Funny thing is those same people still enjoy watching pirated anime and buying bootleg products. I ended up muting them all from future status update. So toxic....

Anyone, yes I know, the copyright law says it's WRONG. But I want to know about YOUR HONEST opinion.... Do you think like I do ????
As you say, it is technically a breach of copyright law. Probably.

There are a few potential outcomes from using copyright material in your context.

1. The copyright owner files a strike against you with YouTube (bad)
This requires you to take down the content (or YT may even do so for you). Three strikes and your channel can be killed, as I understand it.

2. The copyright owner files a strike against you with YouTube (not so bad). This simply ,means that any revenue from the video (if your channel is monetized) will go to the copyright owner rather than yourself.

3. The copyright owner may never find out or may not care and may not file any strike or claim against you. Some companies are very active about hammering people using their intellectual property (IP) - I'm looking at you Nintendo. Others are not so concerned.

Unfortunately it's impossible to know in advance which outcome will actually occur.

You could try writing to the copyright owner for permission. That's what I did but I never received a response and I suspect that 99.9% of such requests go unanswered.

Another option would be to upload one video using copyright material and see what happens in time. IF you do this though you need to be prepared for a worst case scenario of a potential strike against you. I'm not recommending this course of action, but it is an option at your own risk.

I hope that helps?