Courtney Candice

I Love YTtalk
A lot of my videos are skits, when I first started making videos I had to redo some of the scenes all over again after I already filmed everything and uploaded it to my editor. I was tired of that happening so I decided to film the same exact scene a couple times and even made a couple a little different that way when I can choose what one looks better everytime I film skits. yes it does take a lot longer to film now that I do that, but trust me in the end it saves you more time that way you don’t have to go back and set everything up again to re film everything and it also prevents you from doing jump cut editing.

Another thing that helps me not mess up is scripting my videos and memorizing my lines, now you don’t have to script word for word you can just make little notes about what that scene is going to be about. If you don’t remember the exact word thats ok you can always change it For example If the word was suppose to be okay and you change it to something like alright or that’s fine, that’s totally ok you don’t have to follow a script word for word as Long as you have a pretty good idea what you’re going to talk about in your video and you don’t end up going off topic.

Sorry for that long post, I just wanted to share some. If my tips with you guys.
Multiple takes is a great idea. Whenever I'd record guitar, I would record multiple takes of a riff or lead so then I could pick the best from the lot while I was in the zone, instead of starting and stopping all the time. I know the film and television industry does this for the same reason (also, there may be mistakes in a take that you didn't immediately see which can be fixed by using a different take).

I've only recently dipped my toes into skits, and even aside from that I'm a fan of scripting. You can articulate your thoughts much faster and open minded in your head, so jot it down. I don't always stick to it word for word, but a script is a great reference so you can make sure to say all that you need to.