A Need Real Advice ( It Urgent)


I've Got It
Hello My Channel Suspended Only One Copyright strike


Which person send me Copyright stirke i contact to him and said Plz Remove this strike throught Retraction Processs

And he Send strike Retraction Email to Copyright Youtube

and After youtube Reply Back ,,,
(Thank you for your message. We have processed your retraction.)

and After few days later Youtube reply again
(We have processed your retraction, but the uploader's account has been suspended.)

Plz any one tell me what i should say next to Youtube
Gabriel Bro I tell you Later when my channel Back Online (restore)

Due you plz tell what i should next to youtube

Well I can't without knowing the reason for termination, you could have been terminated for a completely different reason than copyright related.
I know i am also talk about this Youtube support forum they also not Believe me

The Reason is Same which i post in my Question

You read that my Question So what you thing about this

Tell me any thing .. Iwanna say to Youtube something Better and Honest Word

There is one chance i have only

Any idea
I am not quite getting, what do you need, but just keep it calm, explain everything in a friendly way, try being nice and wait for best.