3D OR 2D ?

2d or 3d

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Designer for your channel
Do you prefer having a 3d channel or 2d channel with intros and backgrounds.
what do you think you like moust.
I prefer 2D in intro's and backgrounds.
Don't really know why, but I just don't like 3D text.
3D seems great for some things, like gaming, technology and all that. But for so many things 2D is going to work well. This might all change though when we all get more used to everything being 3D perhaps.
3D is awesome sometimes
You gotta use it the right way and whatnot. Sometimes it can get way to crowded and sometimes It can ruin and make it look bad. 2D is good for almost everything
2D all the way. I'm more of a traditionalist. Plus, I don't think 3D technology is where it needs to be yet to fully enjoy it.
Well , if you make 3D on cinema4D I'm not
amazed but if you make sick 3D one on
photoshop , I'm actually gonna salute you .
For intro's , 3D intros are very
common on Youtube . 2D animations are
very not rarely common on Youtube but
they are just sickest dopes epicness .
Thats my opinion .
But , 2D animations is best for me .
3D are just for films and movies .
(my opinion)