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10 subs

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I've had this channel for 6 months more or less. I'm still working to get my quality up, mixing better at every step and buying new gear. I know 10 subs is laughable, but I'd like come back to this post a year from now and see how far (or not :p ) I've gone.
Hey mate, forward progress is always good progress. What are your goals with the channel. I took a glance and it looks like you don't upload too frequently. Do you write the songs yourself and compose them? (So far I'm not familiar with anything, though the NRG upload sounds familiar I think. Kinda like something I heard in an eighties movie from way back win. Will research more. How often are you planning on uploading? Cool stuff like this deserves some more exposure.
Hello there. I compose everything by myself, then record, mix and master . My goal is to create a free source of music for content creators. I publish everything under creative commons licence, so anyone can monetize videos without worrying about copyright. At the same time, this is a good way for me to get my producing chops to the next level while connecting with awesome people from around the world. I don't upload much since I've been working on getting new gear and producing more difficult stuff. I could put out very simple tracks (like the last 2) every week... but I'm still wondering if people like this service. I haven't had feedback from anyone

In a nutshell: Those tracks are 100% mine, and I want to give them to the community. So if you like something, the download links are in the description.
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Congratulations on your achievement. Nice channel of yours. I am also trying to reach people as much as I can. Hope to reach 100 soon.
I am analyzing which channels are popular and why? Still learning the process of making a channel popular and make an interactive channel.