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1 Month, 300 Subs, 75000+ Views


Helllo Guys,
we have hit the 300 Subscribers and 75000 Views (83600 atm).
I think this is very good and my son is happy, very happy. Even he can't really figure these numbers, but he knows its a lot.

I hope we get soon our own channel ID. It should be hopefully today or next days.
Thanks and greetings to all forum members.
Thank you.Also I had a request from a guy from BBTV. But after some research I skipped that. Did not read anything good about it.
Hey Thanks, I just went to your channel.
I always wonder how people can draw like this.
I think my son is drawing better by now than me hahaha

Oh thanks ! I'm not nearly as good as many people, but I love it that's what matters ! :D And pratice, pratrice ... practice is the key ! Maybe you could do a video with your son trying an art toy ? I know crayola has like really cool ones !