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  1. PhysicsFreak101

    100 YTtalk Cash!

    With this post comes 100 YTtalk cash, which I have been working towards since October. I hope that my posts have been of use to you all, and I personally am very excited for the feature to embed your videos into your post, and to be able to post in the Videos & Channels section. Hopefully, I can...
  2. Dutchie Abroad

    Youtube reality check

    I’ve been on this forum for a while now and there is one thing that I frequently see: unrealistic expectations. People who are expecting money, fame or subs when in reality, it really isn’t that simple. Let’s start with talking about money. Youtube is NOT an easy platform to make money on...
  3. Dion.K

    Gaming Need Pc Gamers For YT!

    Hey guys I'm looking for people to record with on yt, I only have 15 subs but thats why i want a partner so that we can grow together. my contents quality is good so far even though i have only uploaded 7 vids because i started 8 days ago and plan to upload 1 vid every day from now on, I have a...
  4. Lucy81272892

    Request Payed help with Branding

    Hi Guys, Willing to pay for someone who is good at making a YT Banner and Channel Icon.....looking for something that has my daughters image but in a cartoon format......thanks so much :)