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  1. J

    Looking for YouTubers with under 20,000 subscriptions

    Hey! I'm the co founder of Horizon X Media. We're a social media company that helps individuals and small businesses. We're looking for smaller YouTube channels interested in help and feedback. We overall aim to help you grow your channel and fanbase, better interact with your subscribers, and...
  2. Amber lynx

    Youtube fluctuation

    iknow when I took on this dream of mine that it will be a journey. It wasn’t gonna be easy. However I felt like if I did it consistently and focused on producing great content and all the other fixings of a great channel everything would fall in place. For instance when gaining subs I felt some...
  3. TheToastGamer

    How to collab with other youtubers

    Hi guys, So a lot of youtubers say "collab with someone to help grow your channel, to have fun, and meet new people", but my real question.. is how?? I've tried thinking of ways, but i'm so stuck! My channel is a gaming one