1. Mkiss63142

    Learn How To Draw DC / Marvel / Japanese / Spider-man Super Heros With Colors

  2. CelyD87

    Editing software on A Kids Channel

    I recently started a kids youtube channel 4 months ago. I'm currently using windows movie maker which is very user friendly and has been good so far. However, I think I'm ready for an editor that offers a little more than the basic. I know iMovie is better but I don't own a Mac and adobe...
  3. CelyD87

    Kids Youtube! 500 subs in 4 months!!! Woohoo!!

    We just hit 500 subs on our kids youtube channel!! Woohoo!! Very exciting!! Our next goal is 1k subs!
  4. CelyD87

    Does anyone know any kids video forums to post on?

    I heard of Does anyone know how I can upload on it? If you guys know of any other forums please let me know, thank you:)