1. Ivory Cherry

    Ways to bring channel to the next level

    Hi there! I've been a beauty channel since mid June and currently sit at 94 subs. I don't know if that's good or not, but either way I'm having alot of fun creating content this has been a really great hobby of mine. Since I realize that more people are going to be watching, I want to take my...
  2. FateKenji

    [HELP] How Do I Stop a Video Appearing As An Annotation?

    I am not exactly sure what this feature is called nor remember what I did while uploading a video to have this problem created, but I was wondering if anyone knows how to remove it/stop it from coming up on a video as seen below. (Note: It occurs on all of my videos.) SCREENSHOT OF PROBLEM...
  3. S

    Give me Advice Plz

    Hey im new to youtube and i want advice on what u think about my channel and what i should keep doing or even stop
  4. James - TimelapseShop

    What are the YouTube copyright rules for pictures?

    So I recently saw the Battlefield 1 (bf5) trailer, and I have screenshot with a character I really want to use in a video. But am I allowed to do this? Will my channel get a copyright strike from using a screenshot from this trailer, even though channels are posting the actual trailer and...