1. G

    Gaming PS4 Player Looking to have Fun and Make Something People Enjoy, Similar to Vanoss

    Hey guys, I'm GamesLikesFraschy, I now have 70 subs and an elgato to record gameplay on my PS4, Ive been working on videos and getting better at editing, I really wanna get more people to collab on funny moments videos on GTA, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefield, and Call of Duty. My group...
  2. SupWithT

    Pretty difficult to gain views and subs

    I feel like right now I am in a rut where I'm not getting any feedback on my content because its not worth looking into. Does anyone have suggestions on how to get 100 subscribers because right now I'm all out of options. (BTW MY CHANNEL NICHE IS GAMING)
  3. Cameron Connell

    Gaming Group of Gaming Youtubers

    I'm an 18 year old from Texas, I'm going to begin classes at Grand Canyon University in the summer of 2018. I'm a newly high school graduate and plan on taking this next year to take on some core classes at a local community college to get credits out of the way before training to be a...
  4. Vanquish

    We Just Hit 100 Subscribers. Thats Awesome.

    Hit 100 Subscribers in the earley hour of this morning. Has taken a while to get have been waiting for this for 7 months. and fiinally its here sure is sweet. Now onto 1000
  5. FuriousBabo

    Video Feedback!

    I've been doing youtube for a few months and I'm really trying to learn more and improve my content so I would like to ask you guys for a review and some feedback so I'll know if I'm doing something right and what do I need to work harder and improve (I know my mic sucks but I'm a student and...
  6. Qball


    Make sure to help me reach my goal by hitting that subscribe button. Looking forward to releasing more content on a weekly basis. Enjoy!!
  7. PunchbowlGaming


    Hey all! Tonight on our community channel Rick is live streaming on Enter The Gungeon, an interesting game well worth taking a look at. Go and give him a watch and join the chat people! Thanks all
  8. soldatcat

    NGHHHHH | resident evil 7 biohazard

    Hiya! I just posted my first video of my RESIDENT evil 7 playthrough :) it would be amazing if you guys could check it out!!! Thanks :)
  9. AMX Gaming

    DreadOut: Keepers Of the Dark | She's A Maniac

    In this DreadOut Keepers Of The Dark gameplay we take on Kami in room 101, things gets scary very fast and taking on Kami proves to be very tough as she becomes a maniac bit it's a challenge we can't back down from. these sewers are filled with scary flying heads and other ghosts protecting...
  10. soldatcat

    THE SALTIEST SOLDAT| overwatch skit

    I made this today after getting really salty because people wouldn't GET ON THE DAYUM PAYLOAD IN COMPETITIVE But yeah XD I thought maybe some people could relate to my problem with teammates that just won't protect the objective, leave your comments down below or Yano under the video if you can
  11. SoulBarrier2

    Gaming Forming Gaming Group!

    Hello my name is soulbarrier and im looking to form a gaming group in this group we would be focusing on making funny content or just funny moments videos if you are interested in doing so please message me down below!
  12. JayPlays

    Is it better to have a facecam in your gaming videos or not?

    Hello guys, ive been thinking about using a facecam lately but im not 100% sure if people would like that. Do people prefer to listen to just a commentary throughout the game or do people like to see the face/reaction aswell throughout the video? i do gaming videos by the way but Please let me...
  13. Zacke23

    Infinite Warfare (Epic Gun Game!)

    Hey guys, Zacke23 here! I posted a Infinite Warfare video yesterday and was looking for some feedback on the video.. if you could check it out I would really appreciate it and while your there have a look at some of my other videos and leave some feedback to! Thanks:)
  14. thenucleargnome

    My new gaming channel.

    I am new to youtube, and Im looking for feedback on my videos. I post on Mondays and Fridays and im doing a thing where ever milestone I hit I do a special video. Im hoping some of you will go to my channel and leave comments on what you think. So far I only have three videos, but I will be...
  15. Foorson

    DOOM part 9 | ARMY OF HELL

    OK K.O! Hell just sent its army to destroy me will they menage to do that? I DON'T THINK SO!
  16. Foorson


    OK K.O! We've arrived at the hell gates and it's pretty damn hot in here... But heat isn't the worst thing in this place...
  17. B

    Gaming Gaming group.

    Hey guys how's it going. I am looking for fellow Youtubers to collab with on xbox one. I have an elgato capture hd and a mic all set up waiting for better use. I mainly play GTA 5, Battlefront, Forza, Fifa and a few others including Gmod over steam. Only on 78 subs atm but really looking to...
  18. ExtoicGamer

    Gaming Wanting to make a Gaming Group

    Hey Looking for people to play black ops 3 zombies and games like that needs at least 15 subs i want at least 4 or 5 or maybe 6 people 14 or older tell me your gmail to get a reply ps4 and pc only
  19. GamingRack

    Part 3 of our journey in Kingdom, come along for the ride!

    If you want to catch up check out parts 1 and 2 and let me know what you think so far any critisism is welcome oh and I want to know what you want to see next so give me some ideas for another video!!
  20. Ben Hands

    Alone in The Dark (2008) - BigBadBen

    ➤ Join Me! - Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Here's a reupload of a video I made back in June! Prove that I didn't follow my upload pattern very well! This video is about the 2008 Game Alone in the Dark which was re-released for the PS3 and it was pretty decent for a ported game...
  21. TheGamerBrigade

    Gaming Looking for 18+ Youtube Gamers

    We are a versatile gaming channel looking for a collaboration. We have the equipment to record any style of gameplay. If interested e-mail us at and we will talk further. Requirements: English, mic, fun personality, and age 18+. Ignore the channel link below, it does...