youtube update

  1. AdmUp

    Most Wanted YouTube Improvements

    There are a lot of things i'd like to see YouTube improve and here are a few! Would be awesome to hear what your ideas are too :)
  2. N


  3. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    New Upcoming Tools For YouTube Comments Section!!

    Hello best friends, I just heard about YouTube upcoming tools for comment's section.They are going to make a lot of changes & lot's of new tools are coming for managing your YouTube comment.Here are some few details about new tools for YouTube comments section: ◉Pinned comments: promote a...
  4. berryslice

    Old or new Youtube?

    With the release of the new "material" youtube update coming soon, I thought it would be interest to see what people prefer, the older layouts of youtube (from a few years ago) to the newer ones from 2013 onwards. I personally prefer the older ones for casual users, but the newer one is better...
  5. FoldingNotes

    Youtube Update?!

    I just got a new update on my phone! In my opinion, it's a bit cumbersome and annoying. :/
  6. FoldingNotes

    Do You Like the YouTube App Layout?

    Until very recently YouTube updated their layout for iOS (they got rid of the sidebar). I have read a lot of complaints, so I am wondering what are your thoughts about the layout so far.