youtube trailer

  1. TheAllSenses

    Is this video good as a youtube channel trailer ?

    Hi, I created a trailer / introduction video for my channel, but I think It’s possible to transform it into a template that can be customized to suits other channels. Customization would apply to the content such texts, videos, backgrounds, sounds…etc. Before considering doing this, I would...
  2. Janell

    How long should a Channel Trailer be?

    I recently created a YouTube Trailer for my Channel. I purposely waited until I uploaded 40 videos so that I could capture what my channel was about, and have videos to highlight those topics. However, I read that Trailers should only be about 1 min long so I did not highlight all the topics...
  3. Jack Swish

    Channel Advice- Getting views but not many Subs- why?

    I have 12k views and only 65 subs- is it my trailer, channel art, the quantity of videos I have or my content that is not seeing my subscriber count go up with my views?- Please can you give me some feedback. Please have a look: Thanks...