youtube rewind

  1. Nicekid76

    *Hot Topic* YTtalk Rewind 2020 is here!

    Huge thank you to everyone who took part of this, and made it happen! 2020 was a hard year, but I really hope we all have a better 2021! I can't wait to hear what you think of this video. It's a bit shorter than I expected. I was a little nervous for this years video as I wasn't sure I was...
  2. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    YouTube Rewind 2019 Reaction - Why It's Good For Creators

    YouTube Rewind 2019 has arrived and I felt I would share my YouTube Rewind Reaction to explain why I feel the new stats based style is a good change for YouTube and how future Rewind Videos should follow this style to highlight the platform better going forward.
  3. Nicekid76

    Hot Topic YTtalk Rewind 2018 is here!

    Huge thank you to everyone who took part of this, and made it happen! Hope you all enjoyed 2018 and have an even better 2019! Looking forward to what you think of this video. Feel free to comment both on this thread and the comment section of the video. This project was exciting to make...
  4. J

    Rewind 2018 released on 12/08 (10am PST)

    I seen at the YTR poster it says coming soon but it's next saturday. List of the youtubers confirmed (based on stories and photos): Merrell Twins Enes Batur Liza Koshy Casey Neistat Lily Singh Sam Tsui Bilingirl Chika Lachlan Nickeh30 and so on..... Youtube rewind had a unfinished exclusive...
  5. J

    Jake and Logan Paul would NOT possibly return in Rewind 2018

    One twitter post suggested that Jake and Logan will not return in This Year's Rewind This Year's Rewind continues More Songs, Topics and a bit more stars.
  6. J

    YouTube Rewind 2018

    Possible Title: YouTube Rewind (This is 2018) This video is now principal production today. You can post updates (photos/videos) on YouTube Rewind 2018 Shoot.
  7. The Happy Gamer

    Where YouTube Will Be In 5 Years

    I have a theory about where YouTube will be in 5 years. I've disabled monetization for this video in the hopes of reaching more. Hopefully it informs and encourages you! Good luck out there!