youtube poop

  1. AgentLlamaProp

    Comedy YouTube Poop (YTP)

    Hi, I'm Prop. I'm here try to work with another person to expand eachothers knowledge on the creating of YTPs. All of my YTPs average 3k+ views. If you have the knowledge on YTPs and would like to collab, send me a direct message on the forums for us to begin discussion.
  2. EnerG

    YTP: What Next?

    Hiya mates! So I make YTPs on my channel but I was thinking: What could I edit next? I'm not restricting myself to anything, so feel free to suggest your ideal YouTuber, or just random video online and I'll edit that into a YTP if I like the idea!
  3. crackbot72

    youtube poop

    So i haven't seen anybody who does ytp here for the entire time ive been here, and i was just wondering if anyone here does. Has anyone here ever done ytp? also if your bored, what are your thoughts on those types of videos? i personally love them.