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  1. N

    Services FREE Music Library for content creators

    Hi everybody!! To anyone looking for music for their YouTube videos I have a website where I share all my music for FREE. No need to sign up, pay for a subscriptions etc. All files can be downloaded as either a high quality MP3 or WAV file. Unlike a lot of libraries I offer only ONE type of...
  2. zenhd

    SKANDR - Blue Lemonade

  3. zenhd

    Scandinavianz - Sunny Island **FREE DOWNLOAD**

  4. TinasToyTime

    YouTube music from Audio Library on Instagram?

    I am creating an Instagram page to promote my YT channel. I plan on taking clips of my already made YT videos and posting on Instagram; all of these videos have music from the YT audio library. Is it acceptable that this music will be on Instagram? According to YT, it says (word for word)...
  5. skepticalvoid

    Music to use and wont get copyrighted

    hey! I've been in your shoes and wanted to know what kind of music to use and not get copyrighted. there is a YouTube channel called NCS(no copyright sound) they have really good music. most of the times people use their music for gaming. you can also use YouTube's free royalty music. i hoped i...
  6. Dani Girl

    Got a copyright claim on a Youtube library song

    I used a royalty free song from the YT library 2 years ago. I just got notice of matched 3rd party content "the copyright owner can choose to run ads" etc etc . I looked and the song is no longer in the library. Has anyone else experienced this with songs they used from the YT music...