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  1. Chewsba

    Gaming Looking for YouTube gaming group

    You probably don't want to read a novel so let's get this done pretty fast. My name is Chewsba, i'm 16 and i'm looking for some people to play multiple games with me and be able to have some fun moments and to be able to create some awesome content. I have every console, PS3, PS4, XB1, XB360...
  2. BrickFireGaming

    Gaming YupForce - Youtube Gaming Group!

    Introduction Hello all of you gamers! This is Brick here, and I am here to talk to you about a Youtube Gaming Group I am creating. Although my gaming channel only has about 10 subscribers, I still believe my newer videos are high quality. If you do not like joining small channel groups...
  3. JMPYT

    Gaming YouTube Gaming Group (GMOD, CSGO, GTA, ETC.)

    Hello Guys. My name is JumpyMotionPictures and I run a gaming channel. My friend and I (YT.COM/TheApexGamingTV) are looking for some funny YouTubers who play Minecraft, CSGO, and GMOD. We also are looking for other games in the future, but these are the ones we currently have, and have...

    Gaming FR33BORN-NATION

    Hello Everyone. I'm the Youtube Group Leader of FR33BORN-Nation and i'm looking for active, fun, good, competitive players that know what there doing in the halo franchise and this is a really good i test try out new members everyday we've came a long way from Halo CE on the regular Xbox and we...