youtube channel art

  1. Nomiis

    Services Clean, Modern & Simplistic Youtube Banners. Fast & Cheap!

    Hello YTTalk community! I'm Nomiis. A 15 year old boy, that fell in love with photoshop a couple of months ago. I really enjoy creating Channel art for people, and i'm always up for a challenge :) If you are interested in working with me, feel free to contact me! I also have a Youtube...
  2. RTBFrebel

    Request Anyone Able To Make Me a Channel Art/Icon For Me? (Free)

    Hey guys so recently I've decided to revamp my channel and in order to finish the revamp I need a new channel logo and channel art. I'm not good at that part so i would greatly appreciate some assistance, If anyone would be happy to help me let me know here or tweet me @RTBFrebel.
  3. KantoGaming

    New Channel design!

    Hey! I just recently changed my channel design. I know all my thumbnails don't fit the best with my theme right now, but for new videos I am going to be putting more orange and blue in the thumbnails. What do you think? Does it look good? Do you guys keep a certain color theme on your channel?
  4. JayMasher

    Services Cheap High Quality GFX!

    Fairly Priced High Quality GFX ----------------------------- We Offer High Quality Fairly priced Graphics Made By Our Best Designers Youtube Channel Art Banner! : £5.00 Logo! : £5.00 Thumbnail! : £1.00 (Per Thumbnail) Outro! : £3.50 Intro! : £6.50 -----------------------------------------------...
  5. F3q

    My HD Youtube banner loses quality when uploaded on Youtube

    I just recently created a new banner for my new channel and saved it in HD. However, when I upload it as my channel art on Youtube, it loses quality. On the device previews, the image looks high quality, but ends up losing quality when it's up. I could really appreciate some help.
  6. God chap

    Finished/Closed Free YT (Channel art, Profile or both) [Updated]

    Hello there, you sexy beast! :wavespin: My name is Paul or known has God Chap :pompus:, I make Channel Banners & Channel logos. I love doing minimalist art or simple designs but I wouldn't mind doing some more complex stuff. :Blackalien2: How long would it take? Usually takes 1 week or less...
  7. B

    Request YouTube Channel Art & Icon Needed!

    Hello there all my GFX Designers, I'm looking for someone who is skilled in making YouTube channel art as well as a matching icon. As you can see from my YouTube, I'm stuck using a basic template I found off of the web and to be quite honest with you, I'm sick of it. I do however want to keep...
  8. X

    Youtube Channel art and intros...

    Hello ive just started YouTube and i am offering people a free service of making you all YouTube Intros Although on the other hand i would like someone to make YouTube Channel art for me? Anyone willing to help? check my youtube and see what you think?
  9. Carlos Samayoa

    Is my channel art okay?

    Hi I was wondering if you can give me your opinion on my Channel art :)
  10. Comaxi

    Services I will make channel art!

    I will make free decent quality channel art [Edited by Staff] Here are a couple i have made for myself and my brother [Edited by Staff] 1.What you do on your channel eg: gaming, comedy 2.The specifics eg :pokemon, gta, cod 3. If you want social media names on it. 4.If there are any specific...