youtube anniversary

  1. Skulletgirl

    6 Years on Youtube and an Amazon GC Giveaway!

    Hey guys. I haven't been the most active on YT lately but I plan to get more consistent and have more fun with my channel. I post a video today about my 6 years on YT and I am also giving away a $50 GC ( worldwide entries accepted ) It's a short 3 minute video if you are interested in checking...
  2. VRONA

    4 Years on YouTube

    Today (28/8) is my 4 year anniversary on YouTube. Just the thought that I've been doing this for 4 years is crazy. And these 4 years were crazy. My channel went from semi ok, to dead, to my recent discovery of the success of my Pokémon TCG videos, which are the ones right now getting any...
  3. FernandoMask

    What do you think of the new terms of service?

  4. FernandoMask

    Gaming People that want to play Overwatch (PC)

    Leave your num tag of overwatch in the comments...
  5. Uri

    Four Years on Youtube

    While all of my oldest videos have been wiped or made unlisted, my channel was created on February 13, 2012, which makes it four years old today. It's only really been this year (well, late last year) that I decided to make videos for the public and not just use my channel to host school-related...