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  1. H


    I'm getting ads on my youtube channel with 130 thousand subscribers. If you want to advertise, you can contact me at this number +905424507261
  2. Amber lynx

    Vlogger with no life

    I love the idea of vlogging. However right now I pretty much work and do YouTube with a few exceptions of doing the everyday mundane things like shopping and meeting up with friends ect. But I feel like unless I have something to do my vlogs are lifeless. I wanna spice them up or make them...
  3. SimplyExcel


    Hey guys! So posting videos steadily for a while I've come to notice I tend to average around 25-30 views per video. Yet, sometimes when I post a video I may get less than 10 views if that and no more. I know about SEO and tagging and for the most part they are always good (Though they could be...
  4. CelyD87

    Monetization OFF or ON when it's. new channel?

    What do you experienced youtubers recommend. Having monetization off or on when starting a new channel? At the beginning your only making pennies on each video so is it worth to have it on? Or would it turn away potential subs and views because they don't want to sit through a commercial when...
  5. EverythingTech360

    Other I want to collaborate on my channel videos

    I want to collaborate to anyone who can promote my YouTube channel video. If anyone interested and want to collaborate with me you can direct reply me on this thread or direct mail me on my email id. All information are given below. It will be great help for us. Email id:
  6. E

    Request Looking for a 3d or 2d logo with the letter "E"

    Can anyone make me a 3d or 2d logo with the letter E please? don't do any effect or don't add any backgrounds just make the logo in photoshop or illustrator. Send me the logo to
  7. CLeVeR BoY

    Request Need help with my logo ( YouTube channel)

    Hello guys, I have a YouTube channel and I need help, I went having logo , how describe me like faze wartek , but I don't know how I create it. I need a person who can create one for me and in exchange I can advertise him in the social network I have a gaming YouTube channel with 660...
  8. KiddieToysReview

    Why FB is Massively Overpriced for YouTube Promotions

    Our Facebook fan page has 283 likes. Our last post reached 73 people. That's 26% reach. FB does not show our post to the other 74% of people who actually liked our page. Why? Facebook wants us to pay to reach those people. Facebook wants me to pay $14 to reach 5,500 people. Mind you these will...