1. BuoyantYT

    Gaming Collab- Gta 5, Gmod, csgo, fortnite...

    Hey i am a small youtuber looking for ppl to collab with preferrably gta 5 pc and not too young... Want a group of us for funny moments to let it all out hahaha... Check out my youtube channel for my content i make... im gonna be bringing back gta 5 so anyone wanting to collab as a group...
  2. Juss Mckenna

    YouTube Channel Banner Needed...

    Can someone make a banner for my channel? $5??
  3. AudreyHorne

    Video Freezing and Playback issues?

    Hello, I'm having a serious problem trying to playback two 007 music videos that I uploaded this morning. The video plays and then freezes but the audio continuously plays as the video remains frozen. What could have caused this problem?
  4. Will Latimer

    New YouTube feature idea

    I had a little thought that maybe YouTube could do more to help out small channels like ourselves. They should have a section like trendning where they add smaller channels to it every week and try and get some new talent out there. what do you think?
  5. BinateGaming

    Avenge us!! - Last Man Standing (BATTLE ROYALE)

    We encountered an enemy squad a couple blocks away from where we had spawned. One of our mates is spotted and is immediately killed by the enemy. Our other mate surprisingly took action and ended up killing the entire squad of 4 and avenging the fallen...
  6. YaBoiiClark

    Great way to promote your channel

    Hey y'all! A great way to promote your channel is by talking to people on Omegle or Chatroulette. I just got 5 new subscribers within the last hour and a half! Be energetic and fun to talk to!
  7. BrandyKoopa

    200 subs

    Whoop! finally hit 200 on youtube! One step closer to the 1K mark I wan't to hit before January 2018! Thank you all so much for the support it means the world to me!
  8. sequan123


    How much views you need to get paid a dollar on yt?
  9. sequan123

    How does live streaming work?

    Hey guys i need information on how i could possibly set up a live stream.
  10. sequan123

    Looking for an editor for cod

    Hey guys i am currently looking for an editer who edit cod videos.
  11. alvarox9

    Vlog Collab in Miami FL?

    Just a regular 18 year old guy who just graduated from high school. Currently studying business. I have a YouTube channel where I give my own advice and tips when it comes to the struggles of life. Looking to see if there are any other youtubers here in miami that might want to make a collab...
  12. Michael Lebert

    How would you react to meeting your favorite YouTuber? How would you plan on what to say to them?

    I have many YouTubers I'd like to meet one day. I don't know how I'd react (Super excited"YES","Tear up,etc) I don't know. I also wouldn't know what to say. What would you plan on saying?
  13. MrDarkTitan

    Gaming [PC] wanna colab or join me on youtube?

    so im 15 and i recently got partnered and so this is making me wanna make alot of videos and i thought why not help other people with there videos so then together we make youtube a career btw i can help you get partnered fast and easy the network im with has a strong support team that will...