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  1. S

    My Channel just passed the 300 views Milestone with 2videos.

    My Channel just passed the 300 views Milestone with 2videos is that good enough?
  2. MrPryce

    Detroit: Become Human

  3. KantoGaming

    Reaching 1k

    I'm having such a struggle reaching 1k subs. I've had my channel for about a year, but did take a few months off. I see new gaming channels all the time taking off and I seem to be stuck. I'm not too sure what I'm doing wrong. I post to twitter and Tumblr when a video comes out. Any other...
  4. Pedro Nascimento

    Other I Have a Travelling Channel!! Anyone to Make a Collaboration?

    Hello guys, I have a travelling channel on Youtube called "Cities Of The World" I never made a collaboration before but I'm looking forward to do it! I will be flying to New York for the first time and I will stay there for 2 days. I you want or you know anyone who would like to make a...
  5. JollyCarson

    Promolta And Famebit Are They Going To Get Your Channel Banned Or Are They Legit?

    Hello, I have been looking for a good way to get new channel off the ground and need to get noticed a little before I will even rank a little and get some views as I barely have 4 subs and very low views. I was wondering if Promolta really works or if it's even legit? Also is Famebit similar or...