yes or no

  1. M

    "Update" videos, yes or no?

    Hello YTers, I started my channel about 6 months ago and had some personal issues that prevented me from posting anything until now. I got comments asking for new videos and now that I am able to get back into it, I decided to make a short one minute "update" video telling my few subscribers...
  2. Z

    Horror Let's Play without a facecam?

    So I want something to freshen up my channel a bit, appeal to a different audience. I'm kinda hyped for Outlast II, so I'm well into the idea of Let's Playing the first one, heavily edited down into 10-15 minute videos you know? That's great, but I don't use a face cam. The main reason is that...
  3. Kaitlyn Moore

    Vlogmas on main channel?

    Hello friends! So this in a few days I'm doing vlogmas!! I've never done a "vlogmas" before so I'm a little nervous and wondering if I need a separate channel to do vlogs on? Or can I just post the vlogs on my "main" channel? Because everyone has seprate channels for their vlogs but I'm not sure...
  4. DisStalker

    Will You Press The Button#1

    Will you or won't you?