1. E

    WTF is this and how do I get rid of it?

    Ok so I regularly go on YouTube, and I have never experienced this until now, WTF is this b******t and how the f*ck do I turn it off? Why is it like this? Also after I seen this I noticed that the videos title is so f*cking small, I don't know what is causing this. Also I cant skip ads...
  2. Worldsgreatestvideogamers

    Top 10 WTF Moments in Gaming!

    hello this is the top 10 wtf moments on a video game
  3. Novainfusion

    PUBG Video for people who like that game.

    Hello everyone. Novainfusion here again i started this new series of PUBG. Me trying to get chicken dinner. Hope you all enjoy it. Like, Share, Subscribe or Comment Thanks for watching have a nice day.
  4. C

    Make Girl's Jealous With This

  5. C

    Condoms Ruined My Life Anyone else noticed the same?
  6. ocslushie

    [locked] YouTube Glitch & Algorithm Change

    YouTube Glitch As many of you have heard there has been a very bad glitch on YouTube recently. People like KEEMSTAR, ComedyShortsGamer, and many others have been affected and have spoken out. If you don't know what it is, then it's a glitch when you upload you gradually lose subs at a steady...
  7. Mr.raspberryxd


    We on a henny hunt we on a money hunt but at the end of the day all we did was catch those L's If you guys like the video.... SHARE it with your freinds! theyll enjoy it too and LIKE!!! COMMENT!!!!!!! and even SUBSCRIBE TO YA BOII!!!!!!!!!
  8. MechaJake

    THE VILLAGE OF PAIN! | Nioh - Beta Demo 2.0 | #5

    Hey Everyone! I just uploaded a new episode of my Nioh Beta playthrough! I would appreciate if you could check it out when you have the time and comment down below to let me know what you think :) I will have another episode with the BOSS FIGHT :D uploaded very soon. I've been experimenting...
  9. MechaJake

    F#@%ING GL LABS CRABS! | Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion | #2

    Hey everyone! This is part 2 of my Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion playthrough. Enjoy! I'll have more episodes of this game coming out shortly as well as some Nioh gameplay.
  10. BernieTheTree

    ManBang = Netflix for North Korea (만방)

    ManBang the new North Korean Netflix by Kim Jong-un. North Korea is launching its own Netflix called ‘Manbang’. Manbang and chill? Netflix and chill? 만방 North Korean Netflix streaming services from state broadcaster KCTV in North Korea, according to local reports. The box, called Manbang, has...
  11. Munesh Ramnarine

    Amazing Water Bottle Double Flip!

    Thanks for 200 subs! :D
  12. H

    anyone know what is going on here? really like what's the point xD

    I mean guys can you tell me what this is xD?