world of warcraft

  1. Kevin hummel


    Hi all! Looks like I hit 200+ views today!! Seems small compared to so many other channels, but I'm proud of this. I also am at 20 subs but I dont think YouTube shows this yet I know I'm at least at 19! I can't wait to grow even more and reach people who enjoy world of warcraft. I hope to...
  2. Kevin hummel

    World of Warcraft Let's Play / Guide: Questing and Commentary

    Hey guys! Check out my new video in which we start to wrap up questing in Azuremyst Isle by helping out Cookie Mckweaksauce, and the others. Our joining the alliance looks better and better.
  3. Kevin hummel

    World of Warcraft Let's Play / Guide: Reaching Level 10 and Choosing a Specialization!!

    Hey guys! New uploader, but this week we hit level 10 and then chose a specialization for leveling in world of warcraft! The videos I'm producing are becoming higher and higher quality, so please let me know any more improvements I can make!
  4. Kevin hummel

    10 subs, over 100 views. Off to a great start!

    I started my World of Warcraft let's play with very little experience, yet in just a few weeks I've received great feedback and have already vastly improved the videos. I appreciate those who stepped up and told me, respectively, what could be improved! I hope to continue this path and reach 100...
  5. Sladee

    How to EARN DESTINY 2 (WoW Tokens)

    For those that don't know WoW is World of Warcraft. You can farm in game to get Wow Tokens and add them to you Blizzard Balance, which you can use to purchase Destiny 2 since it is now on Blizzard's Battle.Net/Blizzard Launcher. BE WARNED This process will take a while. It's no gonna be done in...
  6. ProfessionalRik


    Probably one of my best videos in a while. Still, I give it a B+, maybe an A-. Scalebound might not be dead, but hundreds of virtual bunnies essentially are, due to legal actions against the creator. WoW Tokens reached record high prices and a new music adventure game is coming.
  7. Porcupixel

    World of Warcraft Series Announcement!

    We're going back to our roots and starting a new character in WoW. With the new expansion coming out a short time ago, we thought it would be a good time to jump back into the WoW world. Keep up with the channel to see how it goes!
  8. Ryu

    Gaming LF WoW or Overwatch (xbox) gamers for collab!!

    Hi I'm Jamie, Looking for a few people to play overwatch or a few other blizzard games with. Im starting out my channel and would like to collab to help it and others grow. Search Ryutarii in the youtube search bar to find my channel and have a look. I am open to other games but i have a mac...
  9. skyler morgan

    Gaming Pc gaming/ Xbox One collab / Gaming group

    hello people, i am a 15 year old youtuber whos channel got really dead since i stopped uploading since i didnt have my computer. i have posted some more videos but i am having trouble getting any views on them. maybe you guys can help me by making a collab video with me and or with me and my...
  10. Monolith Music And Games

    If you like Nintendo, PS4 or Blizzard games then check out my channel!!

    If you guys like Nintendo, PS4 or Blizzard games then you should definitely check my channel out! I do a lot of Nintendo coverage with my thoughts and opinions on the latest news, do PS4 live streams and occasionally do some WoW or Hearthstone streams :) I want to do MUCH more types of content...
  11. Darvin

    Gaming looking for a group to collabe with!!!!!

    I am looking for a group of at least 3 people on PC. I have some games but can always get more. requirements are... -a mic(decent) -skype -no specific number of subscribers - humor and I am looking to play games like -league of legends -world of warcraft -unturned -csgo -undertale commentaries...
  12. SeanTube

    Gaming WoW Collab!

    Hello everyone! (I am a bit new to threads so do cut me a little slack whilst reading :P. ) First off my name is SeanTubeTV, and I currently have around 22 subscribers with 4 videos up all of which are high quality. Click the channel link in my bio for more info or look me up! But now for the...
  13. AchillestheHunter


    Hi! My name is AchillestheHunter but many call me Achilles. I have a few friends in a non-official group we started. We are getting ready to start putting videos up and are looking for more people to play with. New youtubers or if you already have started come join us! We want to mostly play...
  14. Rjayo

    IF your a Fan of Blizzard games check out my Trailer!

    Hey guys! This is a little trailer i made in tribute of some of the bad guys in the blizzard universe. Please let me know what you think. ill be doing more and more of these type of things so any request or advice fire away!
  15. Adinsur

    Gaming Small channel looking to collab.

    I'm 22y old and do guides and montages for WoW, so I am looking for someone to do any kind of WoW videos together. If WoW aint you'r thing, any other PC game would be cool too. The channel has 112 subs atm and you can find it if you write Adinsur on YouTube. /w if you are interested.