1. Linkopotamus

    Do you record alone or with a friend?

    Hi all, just a little curious about something here. I run a pretty new gaming channel with a friend. It was an odd situation that led us to beginning this together.. I wanted to do it with someone entirely different but they flaked out on me for a month straight and I got fed up with it. I then...
  2. terror569

    Amazing Switzerland trip 2016 with my GF and her class

    So I switched a little bit. Now I'm trying to make some vlogs! If anybody is gonna watch it, could I please, please recieve some feedback from you guys? If you like it or nah, what to improve etc. Thank you so much. Cheers, Terror
  3. Conso1727

    Cooking with Conso: Pasta del Fuorisede

    Cooking on a Video Games channel? We have to get our forces to play games well somewhere! This is the pilot episode of a few cooking videos I could make in the future, it all depends if people will enjoy it or not.
  4. ablamök

    Perfect youtube channel name

    How did you guys come up with your channel name? I just can't come up with any decent name, every name I think of sounds cheesy and isn't easy to remember. The best I've come up with was happyfapTV but people might get the wrong idea from that kind of name. How about happyeelTV or happyelkTV...
  5. JustMonotone

    For Those With Little Motivation

    Hello guys! My name is JustMonotone. I know I have said this before but I will probably say it in my posts all the time. I am a high school student from San Antonio who is trying to have a fun time on YouTube and trying to express himself and meet new people. I know that it's hard starting out...