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  1. AM2PM

    Capturing Our Tears - Literally.

    This is the 10 video in our Twin Versus Twin series. And our strangest yet. Not sure how to classify it, so I'll post in in other. We compete to see who can cry more in 20 minutes. We collect the tears and measure to see who squeezed out more saline. What do you think? Thanks for checking it out.
  2. AntoNeo

    Input? Intro Video

    So I'm planning on making an "introduction"-type video in order to connect with potential subscribers/future audience. I was thinking that maybe I could do one of those "25 Things About Me" tag videos, but I'm not sure...what have you guys done (vloggers mainly) to connect with your audience?
  3. GooberVlogs

    What Do You Think Of.....

    What do you guys think of my over the shoulder type of walkthrough video? I could just upload gameplay with commentary but i decided to do it MY OWN way because it seems like everyone does it the same and i wanted to be different. I know you can only see the side and back of my head but what...
  4. BeautyLifeGeek

    Hot Topic Youtube Red: A New YouTube Monthly Subscription Service?

    I received an article last night about a new YouTube feature coming up soon (well, technically just an idea) of a monthly subscription service to watch videos ad-free. Article: recode.net/2015/09/25/youtube-is-prepping-its-subscription-launch-two-services-one-price In my opinion; I look at...