1. JanPlays_

    Totally Accurate Battle Simulator | SandBox | The War has just begun |

    Hello everyone, in this video I'm playing Tabs in the sandbox mode! I do all sorts of stuff in the video... XD anyways ENJOY! Please Leave a like and subscribe!
  2. JRuncie

    What is wrong with the new GoPro Hero 5 Black??

    In under two weeks we've now been through 2 and working on our third GoPro. After trying to work with GoPro and not receiving any response we've decided to upload our experience to the web. Ps- we don't usually complain, but we would like some sort of clarification from GoPro about what happened.
  3. CavemanApocalypse

    GHILLIE GUY?! | ARMA 3 | DayZ Exile

    Hey! Let me know what I can do to improve and let me know if you liked it! Regards, Connor
  4. CLeVeR BoY

    Request Need help with my logo ( YouTube channel)

    Hello guys, I have a YouTube channel and I need help, I went having logo , how describe me like faze wartek , but I don't know how I create it. I need a person who can create one for me and in exchange I can advertise him in the social network I have a gaming YouTube channel with 660...
  5. j12stones

    Vaccine War: Ep 01 | Let's do Indie!!!

  6. Maxemole

    Gears Of War 4 Open Beta Gameplay!

    Enjoy my a** getting handed to me!