virtual reality

  1. GustyYT

    Collab to get views

    hi! im gusty and this is my first ever post i want to do a gaming Collab and yeah i play lots of games for pc like Minecraft gmod rec room GD vrchat csgo tf2 and roblox.... ill get it again if someone wants to do that and yeah really just be over 12+ and im a dude btw lemme know if u wanna Collab
  2. BestNerdLife

    Is it worth buying a Playstation VR headset in 2019?

    I've wanted a Playstation VR headset for a while now but couldn't justify paying the usual £249 price tag, and I FINALLY persuaded myself to buy one thanks to a recent sale. It's an interesting piece of technology, but was it worth the money? Find out in this video!
  3. ROBVR

    Gaming VR Specific (or Indie game) Collabs kettering uk

    VR Specific (or Indie game) Collabs and if you're local to Northamptonshire UK even better. Aiming to grow into a large channel and share the journey with like minded youtubers.
  4. TechFit360

    Thinking About Buying An Oculus Rift?

    After using the Rift for around 5 months, I'm really glad I made the purchase. I use my Oculus Rift as a way of escape sometimes. There are a lot of interesting Apps and Games. Can't wait to see what's in store this year for Virtual Reality. Thanks for watching! Dan
  5. Shehzad

    Trying Out Payday 2 VR - Stream

    Updated my Payday to the VR beta and I've got to say I was really enjoying it. Sweating like crazy after 30 minutes sessions but it's pretty well made.
  6. VirtualReale

    "THE SPLIT SCREEN" - The ULTIMATE Comedy Show for Those Who LOVE Local Multiplayer Gaming

    THE SHOW We wanted to combine fun, local multiplayer gaming with the variety of a reality show format. We mix our let's plays with commentary interview cut-aways to expand the story of each player. This allows for drama and comedy to create some of the most entertaining let's plays we've ever...
  7. OfficialWingBro

    Gaming Collab on PC for funny moments!

    Hey, I'm a YouTube with 115 subs, looking to collaborate on PC. I can play games like Rainbow Six Siege. CS:GO 1v1s, and really a lot of games just ask if I can and I will try and get back. Also, I'm also open to playing some VR games like Climbey. If you are interested I only ask that you...
  8. TheJDGaming

    Gaming Looking for oculus rift gaming group

    I have an oculus rift and recently they have added lots of cool multiplayer games and so I'm trying to find people to maybe collab or just play with on some vr games that I would record and post on my channel. My gamer tag on oculus is JDBOSS13, if u wanna play then just hit me up a friend request
  9. BlueNodule Gaming

    Gaming VR Multiplayer Games

    I really don't have any preference for the game or the person, there are just a ton of multiplayer VR games that I would love to play with another youtuber. If you have a virtual reality headset like the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift and you feel the same way, let me know and maybe we can start a...
  10. DivideAndConquer

    Check Out My New VR Video | Feedback Appreciated

    In Time Machine VR A time-traveling cadet uses incredible technology to scan, track, and bait prehistoric creatures in the hope of understanding them and prevent a deadly virus from taking lives in the future LINK
  11. DivideAndConquer

    Can you guys give me some feedback?

    I run a small YouTube Gaming channel called Divide And Conquer. I sometimes play VR games and survival games. i post one video a day at 4pm every day, I used to play a lot of horror games but I feel like i do better with survival. i am wondering if you guys can give me some reviews on my channel...
  12. Chaotic


    Check this game out on my channel! Lots of fun!
  13. Chaotic


  14. FraYoshi

    First 3D - 360° - 4K video

    THANK YOU!!! Because of Your motivation, I realized my first video in both 3D, 360° and 4K! Here It is!! Watch It on YouTube ^-^
  15. FraYoshi

    500 Subs!!! :D

    Hit right now: 500 subscribers!!!!!! This is a Milestone I set so much time ago, so for me is not only a regular milestone but a BIG stupid smile on my face :D For this reason I decided to challenge myself doing what I asked myself to do in this year but that I never done: My first video in...
  16. TechSquizz

    Project Cars with Oculus Rift + G920 Steering wheel

    Latest Video is a cross between a Product Review and Virtual Reality Gaming. Hope you enjoy! Anyone doing VR Games?