viral potential video

  1. Dave2017

    Why have I not gone viral yet???

    I don´t get it!!!!!!! I make some of the best videos on Youtube and I am not even close to go viral yet? My channel IS sofa king special and unique and I have much better videos than so many other youtubers who are doing way better.....Why is this? I even made this video about going viral, but...
  2. Dave2017

    How to make a viral YouTube Channel.....Or??

    Tell me what you think? viral
  3. ProXima123

    NASA Discovers Life On Mars?! - Organic Material and Methane may be Evidence of Ancient Life

    On June 7th, NASA announced that their curiosity rover has found organic matter on the martian surface, found in the soil, Carbon compounds found in a 3 billion year old mud stone in Gale crater uncovers the possibility of previous life on mars. Mars’ curiosity rover only having drilled a few...
  4. Ayden TravelsandToys

    Did you ever make a viral-potential video?

    Did you ever make that one favorite viral-potential video that you thought, "this is the schnick that's gonna blow big"? LOL. Why was it your favorite? What feature(s) did you like most about it? Did it go viral?