NASA Discovers Life On Mars?! - Organic Material and Methane may be Evidence of Ancient Life


I've Got It

On June 7th, NASA announced that their curiosity rover has found organic matter on the martian surface, found in the soil, Carbon compounds found in a 3 billion year old mud stone in Gale crater uncovers the possibility of previous life on mars. Mars’ curiosity rover only having drilled a few centimeters under the surface found, preserved in these ancient mud stones, building blocks which are ingredients for life as we know it. The mud stones currently reside on Mars’ gale crater where scientists strongly believe their used to be a liquid water lake. According to NASA and the new discovery, we now know that gale crater, and potentially Mars not only held the building blocks and necessary needs for creating and even sustaining life, but also, may have once upon a time actually had life. Organic molecules contain carbon and hydrogen, and also may include oxygen, nitrogen and other elements. While commonly associated with life, Keep in mind, this does not absolutely prove that there is or ever was life on mars, as organic molecules also can be created by non-biological processes Because of a lack of ability the mars rover has, it is only able to dig extremely shallow, however once we get a more sophisticated and developed drone or even humans whom have the capability to dig even deeper, who knows what history we may find in the red planets soil. NASA also reports, that curiosity rover has discovered background levels of methane. Although we have observed methane in Mars’ thin atmosphere, they were in large unpredictable plumes. Papers now suggest the discovery that the methane changes along with the seasons on mars. Within Gale Crater they repeatedly peak in the summer months and drop every winter. Around 95 percent of all methane that resides on earth and in its atmosphere is caused and created by living organisms. Although on mars, this is likely produced by non biological means, we undoubtedly cannot rule out the possibility of a biological or microbial source.