view goal

  1. VRONA

    Finally Made a Series That Does Well. What to do Next?

    A few months ago, I decided to record a video of me opening my very first pack of Pokémon cards and that video beat all my expectations. Within its first hour, it got like 30 views, which is insane. My videos get around 10 views in total, so seeing how many it got in just an hour was incredible...
  2. JayyDaGawd

    Sub and View Goal achieved for the month!

    First video uploaded back on youtube: Date: 9-18-17 View count: 492 Sub count: 23 Goal for 10-18-17 View count: 700 Sub count: 30 I am currently at 30 subs and 730 views on 10-16-17! I have achieved my goals and now I'm ready to accomplish more on youtube! I am going to make my next goal for...