1. DarkBolt

    Gaming Videogame Channel Collab

    Hey guys! I have a PC and was wondering if anyone wanted to collab on games like GTA V, CoD BOIII, etc. If you want to know about my channel, check out my channel intro.
  2. Darthtux

    Valkyria Chronicles PS4 Remastered Walkthrough Part 7 | THIS IS A NIGHTMARE! /w Darthtux

    It took me 1-2 hours to beat this level..... I thought it was a tutorial mission but it turned out to be a extremely hard CHALLENGE mission!!! Enjoy my frustration :D Thanks as always!
  3. Onister Gaming

    I Need Your Help!

    Plz watch all of it i really do need help
  4. j12stones

    WORLD OF WARCRAFT / N00b Explains!

  5. j12stones

    TOP 10 Pokemon Starters Designs

    My first video posted here, hope you enjoy it