video edit problem

  1. A

    Trending video edits

    There Are Many Different Ways Video Editing Trends. Some Ways It Is Hard Which Makes You Feel Unsatisfied... But, I Did Some Research And Finally I Found One Of The Easiest Ways Of Video Editing Here Are 3 Different Videos For Free… That Will Help You To Wdit The Videos And Easier… 1...
  2. C

    Help with Rust videos

    Hi Everyone, So i have been doing rust YouTube videos for the last month now, and can't seem to get the editing part right. I Have never edited videos before now, and can't get the right tutorial on how to edit rust videos properly. my content is not getting the views i would like and am really...
  3. VRONA

    My Story of Using Movie Maker |How Much Does Editing Software Actually Affect The Quality of Videos?

    I recently got into a conversation with this guy on a YouTuber discord about editing software. He said that if I wanted to improve the overall quality of my videos I should look into some more professional software, which I already have installed somewhere on my PC just doing nothing, but I...
  4. Paranoia O Rigins

    Can someone Edit one of my videos?

    When i was recording/boradcasting on my ps4 i went over 6 hours on my video and youtube editor wont let me edit the video all i need is the edit out to the point where i started building my japanese castle up again. If anyone can do that for me please that would be greatful ask for the link...
  5. N

    HELP! Preparing a video clip on Windows Live Movie Maker is taking WAY to long.

    Hi guys, So I'm now starting up my youtube channel.. I have uploaded a 6 minute clip onto windows movie maker that was filmed in 1080/25p. It has honestly been preparing for over an hour now and it's still preparing it! Does anyone have any idea why? Is it my laptop? Or the programme itself...
  6. LoudMouthZander

    Anyone using OBS to record their game play having the same problem while editing?

    I use OBS to record my game plays and the files are in FLV. The problem is when I convert it to MP4 using a method I found online and try to edit on adobe premiere. The video doesn't seem to be in the correct frame size. There are black bars on the sides and the frame size ratio seems to be off...