video blog

  1. Richie O'Donnell

    Vlog South Florida meetup

    Hey guys! I'm relatively new to this site and to the youtube community! We are a couple located in south florida and if anyone in the south florida area would like to do a meetup/collaboration with us we think it would be fun! Let us know! :)
  2. javacentral

    Will it Creamer ideas?

    I do a monthly video that's on random and unique coffee creamers. If you have a funky idea for it, let me know and I'll shout you out and try it out!
  3. Skitterkins

    Vlog 01-01-16

    I plan on vlogging atleast once a week and when events happen or i go out somewhere fun :)
  4. Ben Arrow

    Vlog Daily LifeVloggers

    Hey, My name is Ben, I've been doing daily vlogs (well I try and do every other day for just starting out) vlogs and I'm thinking of maybe having in the very beginning some other vloggers say something like... "Hey this is (ABC Vlogger) and you're watching Ben Arrow Vlogs!" I dunno it might...
  5. Ben Arrow

    Vlogging (pickup time frame)

    Hey guys, I was just curious for all you Vloggers out there, how long or how many videos did you guys have to make until you noticed a bit of a snowball forming? Just curious, or was it more of a different reason that you got a snowball going?