valentines day

  1. Flashpointaw

    The Most Romantic Time Of The Year | Animatic

    It's been a very long time since I last used Flash, so long they changed the name in fact, anyhow I got a bit board of my increasingly looming University deadlines and decided to tryout some Flash skills I learnt in Collage. Spoiler it didn't go very well. And now I'm inflicting this twisted...
  2. Commander Skull

    Valentine's day sketch

    Hello there. I decided to make a funny sketch about Valentines day. This is actually my second sketch that I have ever made so any feedback on it will be greatly appreciated!
  3. artslee

    What is Love? - Animated short

    Valentines Day shouldn't be exclusive to romantic love, what about the other kinds of love?
  4. AntoNeo

    Would You Watch a Q&A Relationship Type of Video?

    Hey guys, since it's now February (Valentine's Day) I want to make a relationship-advice related video because even though I'm a shy extrovert, I have great social skills and maybe have the perspective that you need lol So I was thinking of gathering questions from people about their...
  5. xingcat

    George the Self Esteem Cat: Valentine's Day

    George and DOG are out for a fancy dinner, but DOG feels a bit sad that it's Valentine's Day and he has no date. George is here to tell us all not to put our worth on our relationship status.
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