1. TeraVex


    See what new things are happening!
  2. O

    YouTube Music only works correctly with main google account

    In order to access YouTube Music on the computer etc you have to log into your regular google account. Your phone tablet etc won't sync to the desktop version if you start YouTube music from your YouTube channel. This actually makes sense because YouTube Music now offers you to subscribe to an...
  3. Curiosity Ridge

    YouTube Scroll by playback

    Recently I've noticed "Scroll by playback" on YouTube. This must be a new thing as I didn't see it last week. Does anyone know how YouTube counts a view? If a potential viewer just scrolls by my video and it plays for 5 seconds by they dont click it does it count as a view? I hope not becauze...
  4. U

    High Sierra Upgrade First Impressions of New Apple MacOS

    In this video I show you my first impressions of Apple's New MacOs High Sierra which I have been using for a few weeks now. If your considering updating from Sierra to High Sierra you find this useful. I share my experience of the High Sierra Boot time, observations of Quicktime and first...
  5. M

    Motivation to keep posting?

    Hey all! So i was aware when I started my channel that I wouldn't get many views, subscribers etc in the first few months and maybe not even for years... but now that I'm actually going through with it I just, I don't know, I guess I just feel weird posting for "no one". Especially when I...
  6. Xaegoba

    900+ views!!!

    It's been a long time coming but I'm almost at my goal of 1k views I only have 45 subs so this is big for me...one of my videos blew up which helped a lot and active subs came in handy..I hope the views and subs keep comeing b/c YT is hard sh*t and I'd hate to see it all go to waste...
  7. MegaCrasher

    Pokemon GO NEWS!! Next Update To Help Trainers Obtain Evolution Items More Often! HYPE!

    LET'S CRUSH 20 LIKES!!! :D Help us reach 4,000 amazing people in our community by Subscribing today! Be sure to TURN ON Notifications so you will be the 1st to know when I upload next! :D So we have ourselves some more news in regards to Pokemon GO! This involves the details of the next update...
  8. MegaCrasher


    LET'S CRUSH 25 LIKES!!! :D Be sure to TURN ON Notifications so you will be the 1st to know when I upload next! :D ****DISCLAIMER:**** This video contains myself in "MegaCrasher" character mode acting out as a raging maniac. It's part of the gimmick like you see with an actor playing a role in a...
  9. Scandinavian Freckles

    MH370 Conspiracy theories | Scandinavian Freckles

    Hi everyone, Hope you have had a great start on the new year. I decided to make a video on the conspiracy theories that exist about the Malaysian airlines flight MH370 that disappeared on march 8th 2014 and still hasn't been found. I do honestly believe that there is something more to this...
  10. Nebojsa032

    Update 2.0 - Intro, subtitles

    Hello everyone! Every once in a while, i do an update of my channel. I change some things that need to be refreshed and improve the quality of my content. Recently, - I changed my intro, i placed a shorter and a more professional one, - I started placing subtitles in my videos so people that...
  11. The Happy Gamer

    SMARTER THAN BEFORE | Hello Neighbor #6

    Our neighbor is so much smarter than he used to be! This is going to be tough!
  12. Baylze

    All Christmas Content 2016! | Overwatch

    Hello everyone, my name is Bailey, better known as Baylze! If you enjoyed the video, then a like & comment would be much appreciated! If you REALLY liked the video - then subscribe to the channel for more awesome Gaming content! :D ▼▼▼▼▼ SOCIAL STUFF! ▼▼▼▼▼ Facebook | Afraid not. Instagram |...
  13. JanPlays_

    Totally Accurate Battle Simulator | SandBox | The War has just begun |

    Hello everyone, in this video I'm playing Tabs in the sandbox mode! I do all sorts of stuff in the video... XD anyways ENJOY! Please Leave a like and subscribe!
  14. The Happy Gamer

    SECRETS IN THE BASEMENT | Hello Neighbor #5

    We made it into the basement in Hello Neighbor! Now let's see what we find...
  15. The Happy Gamer

    WELL, HELLO THERE | Hello Neighbor #4

    Hello, Neighbor just got ANOTHER update and it is a blast!
  16. The Happy Gamer

    IN LIKE FLYNN | Hello Neighbor #3 (HUGE UPDATE)

    The new update for Hello Neighbor is INSANE! And we finally got into the basement door! Let's see what's inside!
  17. AM2PM

    Updated some Thumbnails - Feedback please!!

    Hey guys, I've gone and changed the Thumbnail for a few of my videos. I wanted it to look a little more polished. What do you think? You can see the old here: New ones: I've removed the number system for the comps. I figure they can still be in the description and title, but no need to...
  18. BMHD

    Rocket League Rumble Update

    Hey Guys! I just wanted to ask your oppinion on the new Rocket League Rumble Update and wanted to ask you if you have experienced any lags or FPS drops in the game as well. Thanks for your time! Have a great day!
  19. Meredith Bryan

    Where have I been?????

    Hi everyone!! Quick video update on where I've been and what I've been up to! Please check it out and let me know what you think! :) Thanks!!!!
  20. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Fitness Youtube Update

  21. Navinax

    GameChanger - World of Warcraft, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, BFvsGF

    A little back story to GameChanger and what it is. Basically it is a new series where Navinax will give his thoughts and opinions on trending topics and news. In this episode in particular we talk about what Blizzard did with World of Warcraft, how CoD Bundled two games and BFvGF taking a break...
  22. Onister


    By the way im new to Vloging but heres my video
  23. Cody Daniel

    Update with an important message

    I'm going to be posting more videos since I've gotten out of my funk and I wanted to tell what I'm going to be doing. I also wanted to add in a quick message about why I do youtube and why it's important to me. ANd I owe it all to Markiplier!