1. Rory Hollinshead

    University Channel Ideas

    Hi everyone ! So come september im starting university and im thinking of starting a vlog/ videos about university to bring value to people who are going to be starting uni in the years to come and may other bits and bobs like challenge videos and pranks etc. Kind of a channel thats a little...
  2. KaiCreative

    Other College leaving students 18-19 wanted to VLOG their Uni application / Uni experiences.

    Hey Guys, My client is a leading education authority and are looking for students who are just about to apply to university to VLOG their thoughts and the process. They are looking for someone leaving college applying to university, so 18 or 19 years old. A likeable personality who already...
  3. Becky Keegan

    Being A YouTuber Whilst Going To University?

    So in September I will be hopefully (If I get the grades) be starting University (College, for Americans :P), and especially since I will be living on campus (In halls, single bedroom's with a shared kitchen), I am really worried about the social anxieties that come with talking to a camera...
  4. DeanzEpic


    GRADUATION FAILS! :) #graduation #fails #funny #comedy #backflip #highschool #compilation. Watch these graduate fail during their graduation ceremony :) Hope you guys enjoy! :)
  5. Laura Pierson

    Video Ideas

    Hello everyone I was wondeing if you could help me with some video ideas. I'm a college student at Grand Valley State University and live in the dorms so I almost never have any good lighting to work with. My channel is primary a lifestyle vlog like Zoella and Aspyn Ovard's but I'm open to any...