under 50 subs

  1. KingKnight

    Gaming Looking for someone to collab with, on PC.

    I am 12, but I do know a lot of dark humor. -Under 18 -11+ Has to have have one of these games: -Gmod -Rocket League -Duck Game -Who's your daddy -TF2 -PAYDAY 2 Has to have discord, and a mic. I have no subs :P Has steam.
  2. L

    Gaming 33 subs small MCPE Collaberators wanted

    I am a small youtuber with 33 subscribers and I am looking to collab with someone for Minecraft PE videos. Needs discord or teamspeak. 13+ age
  3. JustCallMeCass

    Help ! Really need honest reviews on my Lifestyle channel

    Hey everyone ! I am loving creating content and putting up videos two times a week ! I would love if anyone could take a quick look at any of my later videos and let me know how I can improve ? I am saving up for a new camera so the quality can improve. Will consistency get me to where I want...
  4. PsySpy Gaming

    100 Videos and Under 50 Subs

    Hello everyone! I'm Scot but I generally go by PsySpy for the YouTube networking thing. I've been doing my channel for a couple months now and promoting everywhere that I could think to. I took a huge hit in my sub base in April from a glitch in the YouTube system that knocked me from 66 subs...