uk collaborations

  1. KodalenPartyof2

    Vlog Looking for YouTubers in UK

    Hey everyone, I just moved to Lakenheath and I’m looking to find YouTubers to work on new content with. I’m trying to get out and explore the area and I thought it would be fun to do with others who love to create videos. Plus, you don’t seem so strange talking to a camera in public if you are...
  2. RenOperative

    Gaming Seeking new, refreshing EU/UK gamers to join our new subdivision "TCP Europe"

    I've recently opened up a new Discord community for UK/EU gamers to join up with us for gaming opportunities and to be sociable with others. We're having a lot of fun so far with playing games and talking about potential gaming podcast ideas for our EU division but we're small and still scouting...
  3. Supertramp

    Gaming Looking to Collab on PC, English speakers

    Hello, I'm looking to Collab on PC (Steam) mainly on FPS games. I'm 17 years old from Manchester, UK and looking to collab with anyone in the UK or USA (Mainly) any other countries, you must be excellent at speaking English. I am mainly in the genre of serious and comedic videos, if you're not...
  4. Jonny Von Wallström

    Vlog Collab with vloggers in Scandinavia/UK?

    Hey guys, I'd love to do a collab with some vloggers that are based in Scandinavia or UK! I live in Sweden, but travel a lot in the area when I'm screening my feature films. Let me know if you live in the area and if you're interested in collaborating! All the best, Jonny
  5. Cam Kirkham

    Comedy exciting idea for public collab! UK

    Hi everyone i have a good idea for a public collab that I'm willing to talk to people about if interested! I average 1k views over my videos and have just hit 161 subs in less than month so if you are interested please reply down below! Thanks really appreciate if you have took to time to read!!
  6. HepTube

    Gaming Fia 16 Collaboration On PS4

    Hey guys, I'm a small youtuber with 228 subscribers at the time of making this thread. I'm 16 years old in the UK and I'm wondering if anybody would like to make a video with me so that we can both gain subscribers from each other and both grow. I will only collaborate with a youtuber who has...