twitch streaming

  1. Oblivions Echoing Anger

    My Videos Keep Being Copyrighted

    My live streams keep being copyrighted, when I say that I don't own anything. People, like the big name youtubers, get away with it. I don't know how to tell youtube that I don't own anything, and that I just play the game and live stream it. I have threatened to go back to twitch and live...
  2. Jenni Nexus

    Live-streaming to help your YouTube channel?

    Who has found use in live-streaming events / let's plays or IRL, in terms of growing your YouTube channel? I have 3K+ subs on YT (woo hoo!) but just nearing 100 on Twitch (my favorite live-streaming site). I tried some others too, like Periscope & Peeks Social (mobile apps - on Peeks you can...
  3. Anjim

    Anjim Plays Neverwinter (PS4) | Dungeon & Dragons Live Stream

    This is a really good game
  4. X

    Request Im in need of a great Youtube and twitch logo and overlay im willing to pay 40 for everything Paypal

    I'm making a YouTube need help with Logos and over view of my YouTube and a great overlay and for my twitch if you can do intro that's perfect also PLZ contact me on here or............ Kik: xEliteGamerHDx Twitter: xEliteGamerHDx IM SO SERIOUS SO PLZ HIT ME UP IF...
  5. KantoGaming

    Streaming on Twitch to help your channel?

    I was wondering what everyone's opinions are on streaming. Especially on twitch. Are there many of you who have YouTube channels and use twitch as a way to gain more followers and then advertise your channel? Or do you think twitch and YouTube should be two different things?