1. GrumpyMeatloaf

    Other Looking for Collaborators!

    Hey you guys! On my channel I create plenty of trivia styled videos revolving around music, movies, and video games. If any of you would like to collab at all and use one of my videos / make one for you to try out on your own channel, feel free to let me know! Here's an example of one of my...
  2. darkstarmedia


    Boobs are wonderful. Many of us have them, many of us enjoy them in a multitude of ways and their place in history goes waaaaay back. Not to mention they are biologically fascinating. If you've ever been interested in knowing how our nipples work or why we even have boobs in the first place...
  3. Wimbus

    I need some honest feedback!!

    No I'm not doing this to get more views or anything like that, I just need some honest feedback about my videos. Also, my friend (who also has a youtube channel) are working on a ping pong trickshot video, which is way different than what we both do right now. Do you think it would be good for...
  4. WeegieMovies

    Ghostbusters WEIRD FACTS

    Hey, the new Ghostbusters reboot has been denied a release in the Chinese market due to a Communist Party of China rule that bans ghosts in audiovisual content, so with this in the news, I thought I'd bring you a selection of weird facts for the original 1984 classic. Let me know what you think...
  5. darkstarmedia

    Useless Soup Facts!

    Hello! This particular video was requested by some of the lovely folks at my network, Maker Gen. I hope you guys enjoy it! I'd write something witty but I am deliriously tired.
  6. TheSkullKid

    7 Things About Kirby - TheSkullKid

    Hello YTtalk users! :) Just finished up a new video and id love to get some feedback! Thanks in advance. :D
  7. B&D TV

    Disney Trivia Pie Face

    Dad and Bella Play Pie Face with a Disney Twist!
  8. WillDP

    Trivia Game Show! | Garry's Mod Sandbox

    Hey guys! In this video, I host a Game Show where my friends have to answer questions correctly in order to avoid having to answer a degrading question. It is very funny how my friends mess up very simple questions and have to tell some very degrading stories. Well, thank you for stopping by my...
  9. TheSkullKid

    Looking for some feedback on my latest Kingdom Hearts video!

    Hello my fellow YTtalk users! With Kingdom Hearts 3 on the way I thought it would be interesting to talk about some facts or trivia about the series. I'm looking for some feedback on this video and some feedback on my channel overall! :cool: If you haven't played any Kingdom Hearts games but...
  10. TheSkullKid

    Looking for some feedback on my latest video!

    Hello fellow content creators! Just finished up a new video of mine and I was hoping to get some feedback. Thanks in advance :)