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  1. N

    New Episodes Coming

    What's up everyone!!! We are super excited about our next 2 upcoming episodes! You're going to love what we have in store. We're showing you New York & Singapore like you've never seen before!!! #newyork #singapore #NoPlansLetsTravel #WeGiveYouThe #The NeverLands
  2. V

    Who wants a channel and plenty of quality content for free? Offer of cooperation.

    We are looking for a partner (person or team) to whom this channel could be given at full disposal in order to fill, develop and make a profit in the future - It is an English copy of this Ukrainian channel (43K subs) -...
  3. 2desitravelers

    Kauai, Hawaii - Heaven on earth [4K] | Gopro | DJI Mavic | DSLR

  4. tiooooooo

    Up to any suggestions!

    Hi everyone! Just want to share some thoughts here, if you wathced a travel video (places, scenic view) would you rather to hear some narrative speech to introduce that place? I never tried that before, and really im a bit shy to talk in front of the camera lol And for gopro user; how do you...
  5. The New Travel Blog

    300 subscribers + 30,000 total views

    The New Travel Blog passed both of these youtube milestones earlier this week, and I want to say a big THANK YOU to anyone out there who has helped. :bounce: Every like, every view, every comment, gets me one step closer to my dream of travelling the world and sharing cheap travel tips with...
  6. darkstarmedia

    Emma Goes To Berlin!

    Hello, my lovelies! I was lucky enough to visit Germany last month with Dad - and I put together a pseudo-pretentious arty-farty video in honour of the occasion. Enjoy, my posh toffs!
  7. Horse007

    Japan Vlogging Review

    Hi kiddos! New to the whole youtube and vlogging scene, wanted to request a review so can fix any major issues early on! The channel is called Diary of The Lost Boys and is mainly travel based with the first set of vlogs coming from a trip to Japan. Would love to know: If the whole...