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  1. V

    Who wants a channel and plenty of quality content for free? Offer of cooperation.

    We are looking for a partner (person or team) to whom this channel could be given at full disposal in order to fill, develop and make a profit in the future - It is an English copy of this Ukrainian channel (43K subs) -...
  2. victor_915

    Vlog Polyglots, Language learning, travel, Etc.

    Hello! If anything in the title caught your attention and sounds like you then please consider emailing me at about working together and producing content! I used to make videos all the time but I stopped a while back and have really found something I'm passionate...
  3. tiooooooo

    Up to any suggestions!

    Hi everyone! Just want to share some thoughts here, if you wathced a travel video (places, scenic view) would you rather to hear some narrative speech to introduce that place? I never tried that before, and really im a bit shy to talk in front of the camera lol And for gopro user; how do you...
  4. Bobby and Emily

    This Girl....

  5. Pedro Nascimento

    Took me 2 Years to Get 400 Subs, any suggestions?

    Hello guys has been 2 years that I have been traveling and making videos for my channel, videos are high quality. Do you have any suggestion on how could I get more subscribers? How could I grow my channel more? Thank you very much in advance for any suggestion :)